Monday, May 11, 2009

Tulip Tourism

We took advantage of the lovely long evenings, - the sun doesn't set until 10 - to see some tulips. Fields upon fields of tulips each filling a piece of the rainbow.

The fields go on forever, which reminds of a lack of hills & mountains, and the sheep that would devour demolish the tulips in no time. So, plenty of demand for the tulips, and even before they're picked and arranged into bowls, jugs and bicycle decor, there are a few that come from afar to look and enjoy them.

Some were from Sweden, Finland, Germany, France & Italy. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The thought of driving so far in such a vehicle makes me think that the tulips don't really matter - it's more that it's possible to be a snail, and take everything with you - the point being the journey and not the destination. Tulips are great while on your doorstep, but why on earth drive hundreds of miles with everything you own? (they weren't tulip pickers - they can't afford these). It's neither camping nor staying in a hotel, and it's an expensive folly that gets used less than a barbeque at the top of Everest.

Why not get a decent car & camp or stay in a hotel? That way, at least it's possible to enjoy the drive, enjoy being outdoors/in a nice hotel. I guess that while in campsites & hotels, the problem is that they may meet people that point and laugh.

it seems that the people who drive them choose them because they match the white flat caps, and beige jackets they all seem to wear. Maybe a fashion statement. Though if they can't see colour then why drive so far to see such colourful tulips?

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